Our Boo-tiful Day


As I write this, I am trying very hard to ignore my scary kitchen!  The table that I wiped 3 times still feels sticky and I spy pumpkin guts on the ceramic floor.  My cat is feverishly playing with an abandoned pumpkin seed and I see a drool of chocolate on the kitchen cupboard.  The sink is overflowing with dishes, the dishwasher is full to the max, and I don’t have a clean tea towel in the house!

But…today, my family had a wonderful afternoon of pumpkin carving and treat making.  I forgot that with each year, the pumpkin carving takes a bit longer.  The girls’ pumpkins are becoming so detailed – it’s a shame we only admire them one night of the year.  It’s tradition for us to sip away on boo shakes (non dairy this year) while we work meticulously on the features of our pumpkin.  Afterwards, we sit back and admire our work while we munch away on roasted pumpkin seeds.  This year, I added another special treat – Chocolate SunButter Cups.   These candies are easy to prepare and so addictive.  Warning – do not serve these treats on a school night.  I’m not sure what I was thinking!  See here for the recipe…..if you dare! http://www.livingwithout.com/recipes/chocolate_sunbutter_cups-2198-1.html



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