Chloe’s Avocado Pesto Pasta

Today I started my second course of Plant-Based Nutrition, “Diseases of Affluence”, at eCornell.  I just can’t get enough of Dr. Campbell’s lectures and the course readings.  Despite our beautiful, crisp day,  I was at my desk and on my computer for a good part of it.

By the time I emerged from the office, it was apparent that I really needed to make something for dinner that was not going to take a lot of prep.  My two girls had homework assignments and sports activities planned for the evening, so I had to think of something quick.  Staring at me from my fruit bowl, were to 2 gorgeous looking avocados.

It was time to make Chloe’s Avocado Pesto Pasta!  This recipe has been bookmarked since Christmas morning when I unwrapped “Chloe’s Kitchen” by Chloe Coscarelli.


So rich and creamy, this dish is absolutely delicious!  My kids loved it so much that when I announced I had a little pesto left over, they were quick to suggest it as a spread for tomorrow’s sandwich. ..That’s if Dad doesn’t decide on a midnight snack!  😉

Here is the recipe – .   I made two substitutions.  I did not have pine nuts, but I did have some raw sunflower seeds.  So, I threw them in the food processor with the other ingredients.  I also changed up the noodles and served this pesto with gluten-free, brown rice penne pasta.  My pasta dish was then garnished with some of my sun-dried tomatoes I had made earlier in the Fall.

No need to shy away from avocados.  Yes, they are high in fat, but the fat is a healthy kind – the kind your body needs.  According to Joel Fuhrman, M.D., in his book “Eat to Live”, “If the fats you consume are healthy fats found in raw seeds, nuts, and avocados, and if your diet is rich in unrefined foods, you needn’t worry so much about the fat – unless you are overweight”.

16 thoughts on “Chloe’s Avocado Pesto Pasta

  1. Vegan Flavorista

    Fantastic, Angela! I took the course last year and I am glad I did. Remember the lectures are printable as text-only versions. I printed them all and put them in a binder for later reference.

    1. uberdish Post author

      Thank you! Oh, it’s so nice to know someone else who took the course! I have found myself re-reading articles 2 or 3 times. I don’t have a background in science, so it has been a wee challenging. But, I’m getting through and I’m enjoying it immensely!

    1. uberdish Post author

      Thank you! You will never know this one does not have cheese. It’s so delicious- enjoy! By the way, the pesto is awesome as a spread on a cucumber sandwich.

  2. df

    This dish looks truly delicious and it fits my timescales for cooking at the moment! 🙂 I adore avocado and will find an excuse to try this in short order. Glad to hear you are enjoying your course so much!

    1. uberdish Post author

      Thank you! I’m sure your family will enjoy it as much as mine did. It’s very filling so there’s no need to make much of anything else to go with it. 😉

  3. Julie

    Angela, I’m interested in the courses and would love to know what the time commitment is (I have a science background-maybe not the right type though). I have not been out of my grad school distance program for too long and just don’t want too much stress! Any papers?

    The pesto looks wonderful. Will try it with the family, although if it has pine nuts it’s a no-go for one son…I have some brown rice pasta I’ve been meaning to try. You have to try Chloe’s Avocado Toast in the cookbook–so good-I want to try to adapt it into a pizza format!

    1. uberdish Post author

      Hi Julie – Great idea with the pizza! You will have to post that one for sure!

      As for the pesto, I had no pine nuts so I just threw in some sunflower seeds. I’m sure you can eliminate both and the pesto would still be delicious and creamy.

      The plant-based nutrition courses are enlightening. There are 3 parts, 2 weeks each. There’s reading, watching lectures, some discussion assignments (mini papers) and quizzes. Not too bad really. I’m sure you will be fine, especially with your background. Because my degree was not in science, I just have to read things over a couple times – that’s all!


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