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Crazy Days of Summer

Can it really be the last day of July?  I will try hard not to panic.  I absolutely love summertime and don’t even want to think about the end.  I just love the warm weather, the open water, all the fruits and vegetables this season bears and, of course, having my two girls at home.  It’s so hard to believe that we are entering its last half.

Like all our past summers,  we have been busy and time has flown by.  Tomorrow will be August 1 and, sadly, we will start to see back-to-school flyers and ads.  (I will try not to write this too loudly in fear of tears from across the table).  We also may spy small gatherings of our Canada Geese in farmers’ fields and parks.  They will soon be “honking”  about their upcoming migratory flight south.

So far, our family has been fortunate enough to have had an amazing summer.  Not only have we had many fabulous weekends at the family cottage, but we have also taken pleasure in a few day trips to local parks and beaches.  We are so lucky to have easy access to so many beautiful rivers and lakes in our area.


Our two girls, ages 14 and 10,  have also chosen to stay active with their sports during the summer. This means I make frequent runs to and from various soccer fields and skating rinks in the city.  Sometimes I am grumbling at the wheel on early mornings, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, I would like to thank you all for being understanding with my lack of consistent blog posts.  I tend to be a little on the spontaneous side and will grab any chance I get for a little fun and activity, especially this time of the year.  After all, we only live once.  Come September, I should have a little more time to myself and, as a result, be more in a routine.

I would love to hear about your summer!  Any adventures?

Happy August everyone!